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Plaid Patch Distressed Denim

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How cute are these! Our new distressed plaid patch denim have the wonderful stretch and soft feel you have all come to love now with a little bit of sass! An amazing fit due to the stretchy denim/spandex blend. Super soft and down right cozy!

*Fit is true to size. Please compare measurements with a current pair of stretchy denim to insure proper fit* These are a blend of different stretchy, soft material but are still considered a denim therefore they may stretch out a bit with wear*

1/25 - 13" waist x 28" inseam

3/26 - 13.5" 

5/27 - 14" 

7/28 - 14.5" 

9/29 - 15" 

11/30 - 16" 

13/31 - 16.5" 

15/32 - 17" 

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