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Cinch It!


You don't need a new wardrobe, you can Cinch it! Look thinner and feel more confident when your clothing fits better!

Quickly, easily & temporarily alter the fit, shape, look & style of any garment!

Simple to use: place a Cinch it! on the inside (or outside) of the garment where you desire to alter, then pull the fabric through the center of Cinch it! - adjust to achieve a better fit and better style. 

2 sizes - small cinch it and big cinch it  

Packs come in;

1 single Cinch It

3 small Cinch It’s 

1 large Cinch It

Please note, if you order a 3 pack, the colors will vary. Each 3 pack includes 1 clear and 2 other miscellaneous colors  

Small Cinch It is a bit bigger than a toonie. The Big Cinch It! diameter is approximately the size of the top of a pop can!

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