Weekly Outfit Planning: Save Time and Spare Frustration!

I'm sure you all know the feeling of running around the house like a mad woman trying to get everyone else ready and on time for their day, only to leave yourself for the last minute. Running through the house looking for your favorite top only to find it hasn’t been washed is super frustrating. 

Next comes Plan B, scour through your closet or the hamper and throw an outfit together. You wear it to work only to realize, crap, it's dirty or wrinkly and of course, doesn’t match! Sound familiar? I've been there plenty of times. In fact, it was the norm for me! Allocating time for myself in the morning to get ready is sometimes difficult, if even possible.

Time and Spare Frustration

Some other moms I've talked to about this seeming impossibility have taught me a few things. Here are a few things I've learned that have saved time for me and my kids. Are you ready to learn the few outfit planning tricks that can save your sanity AND time?!

The Basics of Weekly Outfit Planning

Try to make Sunday evenings the time where you lay out your outfits for the week. Some ladies might be thinking, but that’s my quiet time to sit and watch my favorite shows or to just sit and do nothing! I find planning your outfits for the week can be quite relaxing and even fun! Picking outfits at a low-pressure time can even help you make better style choices. Give it a shot! Use this list as an outfit planning template to prepare for each day of the coming week.

1. Start With Your Bottoms

Bottoms for me, are the centrepiece that pulls the rest of the outfit together, the focal point. Start by laying your bottoms on your bed.

If you don’t have pant hangers, get yo self some! You won't regret it! The ones with the bar running across the bottom. They have room for your entire outfit, pants, top & jewelry.

2. Pair A Top To Go With Them

If you choose a pair of black skinny denim. Look through your tops and figure out if you want short sleeves or long.

3. Pick Your Jewelry

To accessorize or not? Some days you may feel sassy and want bold jewelry. Black denim can be paired with almost any jewelry, but remember, it’s the top you choose that should determine the jewelry in your outfit plan.

As an example; V-neck or cowl necks go great with shorter necklaces. Certain jewelry styles, like leather earrings, pair well with a greater variety of outfit templates.

4. Shoes Bring It All Together

Shoes are something you normally would not put together with your outfit. But make a mental note what you're planning to wear on your feet before you go out the door!

5. Make Space

Allocate a section of your closet for your weekly outfits. Shift and move things around so this can happen. It will save you time and frustration in the end.

Outfit Planning for Travel

Planning outfits for travel is just as easy. Create your outfits & roll them neatly together, including jewelry, socks, and underwear. Bra bags are a handy way to keep your bras shapely on the go.

Relax and Enjoy Extra Time in the Morning

So now you have your outfits planned for the week and have allowed yourself plenty of extra time to get ready in the morning. Once you start implementing your weekly outfit planning, it will only get easier to plan and prepare.

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Good idea I’m going to pass this to Ashleigh for her kids .. I’m going to give this a whirl ..

Cindy June 06, 2018

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