The Top 5 Summer Accessories

When the heat turns up and the clothing gets lighter, style becomes about the finer details. Accessories complete summer fashion looks like lift shift dresses, maxis, rompers, and classic shorts and tee combos. The trick is finding accessories that are comfortable, affordable, and match your lifestyle.

Whether you’re headed to the beach, to the mountains, or enjoying a staycation in your hometown this summer, we have the summer accessories you need to liven up your wardrobe.

The hot sun, cool water, long weekends, and campfire smell make this time of year memorable. To get you ready for all of the fun, we have pulled together the top accessories to see you through the season.

1. A Classy, Yet Casual Hat

Casual Hat Classy Hat

Ideal for lounging poolside or on your next beach vacation, wide-brimmed casual hats are an iconic look. Paired with a loose tee and shorts or your favorite slip-on summer dress, you’ll look summer ready in no time. A big hit for sun-filled days are casual baseball caps. These versatile summer accessories are a must-have. Wear with your athleisure, summer dress, jean shorts, or whatever you’re feeling that day.

2. Comfortable Statement Earrings

Comfortable Earrings Earrings

With the broad range of color palettes, textures, and styles available, earrings are a fantastic way for women to define their unique look. Try different hues and shades to discover your best color. In-demand metallic, pastels, and neutrals are often a big hit.

Leather earrings are a huge trend lately. With as comfortable and reasonably priced as they are, it’s no wonder why. Have you tried them?

3. A Crossbody Wallet or Wristlet

crossbody wallet crossbody wristlet

Keep all of your essentials within arms reach with a crossbody wallet or wristlet. Summer is about being flexible and ready for plans that go from dawn till dusk. The compact nature of these versatile bags are designed for day trips, on-the-go moms, and nights out on the town, so you’ll be ready for whatever the day brings. They could soon become one of your go-to summer accessories.

4. Tumblers for Wine or Your Favorite Summer Drink


Use at home or take with you on-the-go, tumblers are an in-demand accessory. These spill-proof containers are practical and bring some personality while you’re on the beach, at the pool, camping, or relaxing on your deck. Tumblers work for both hot and cold beverages so they can be enjoyed year-round.

5. A Stylish Passport Holder

Summer Drink tumblers

Remove the worry of traveling with a passport with a passport holder. No matter your summer travel plans, passport holders keep your passport safely contained while still traveling in style!

The Best Place to Accessorize

The long days in summer mean more activities. Your closet needs to maximize adaptability while minimizing hassle and cost. Summer accessories are an easy way to mix and match, helping you freshen up your style for less.

Here at Miss Modern, we are excited to help share in the moments that matter and create memories that will last a lifetime. For unique finds with a modern feel, these accessories are your one stop shop all for all things summer.

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