Miss Modern's Top Spring/Summer 2018 Trends

Top 5 Fashion Trends Spring/Summer 2018

While we feel like we are just nicely settling into summer, the creeping yet bold & much anticipated appearance of Fall is just around the corner. It may be the short Summers & long winters here in Alberta but Fall has always been a favorite in fashion for Miss Modern Girls. Is it the soft cozy knits, lounge pants, cardigans, plaids? All of the above, these are often our best sellers and for good reason!

 We are rounding up our top 5 sellers for the Spring/Summer lineup and they did not disappoint. Every season brings new trends and some old ones back but always gives something to look forward to as we settle into another.
 Coming in at # 5 is an all time favorite. Timeless, often colorful and always trendy. The Kimono. I think any color combo or pattern will always catch any girls eye. Known for their versatility and flowy, easy to wear fit. Layering possibilities are endless. Pair with nearly any bottom. Wear on cooler days with a pair of leggings. On warmer days, a pair of cute shorts and flip flops. A must have for any ladies wardrobe.


Our # 4 pick is Rompers. We must hear this word at least 5 times in a day! Whether its customers asking where they are or if were getting more in. Long pant suit style or shorts style. Likely to stick around in the fashion world for a very long time. Dress them up or down. Wear with a little jean jacket and your set.


Coming in at #3 is not an article of clothing but rather the ultimate accessory. Handbags. So many ladies share the same obsession as I do! The one piece you will own that sets the mood for any outfit. From small crossbody bags to over the shoulder and Boho inspired large bags. We have had them all and they all sell out fast! No, a girl can not have too many bags!


Our #2 customer favourite trend is another non-clothing accessory, hats. Whether you’ve owned one of our baseball caps or beach hats, you know why the obsession is real. Like a handbag, a hat can set the tone for the entire outfit. Hot days call for shade, a hat is the perfect piece you can take with you to the beach on holidays or wear out and about while running errands or soaking up the sun lounging in the backyard


Our #1 piece is the epidemy of summer in a one piece that any woman can wear. We sold out time after time and can’t wait to bring more in for our winter resort wear line…The Maxi Dress! If you try one on you are likely to fall in love and feel like a million bucks no matter your shape or size. Comfort meets, functionality and class. Tie a knot for a fun look or pair with a beach hat and your set. The one piece you will go for time and time again every summer, The Maxi Dress!


What does Fall look like at Miss Modern? With the first small lineup/teaser coming in a couple of weeks, oh boy, we’re excited! Think plaids, long pieces, soft flowy vests and a resort wear lineup for all those lucky ladies who travel lots in the fall/winter.
Thank you to all our wonderful customers for making this spring/summer the best yet! We love to predict and guess what ya’ll will fall in love with. You may surprise us at times but we wouldn’t have it any other way. After all, its all about you and what you love!

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