Happy Fathers Day to our Mr. Moderns

What is it like to have children? It’s not all giggles, chubby baby cheeks, and smooth bedtimes. Life with kids isn’t for everyone, but if you choose to have children it’s beyond anything you’ll ever experience in your life. It may not all be cupcakes and rainbows but even in the tough times when your child looks up at you with love in their eyes, it can bring you to your knees. Kids are a full-time job on its own but what is it like when you throw in building a business on top of it? For Mandy and I, the owners of Miss Modern Boutique, it means squirreling and swirling until the day comes together. Well, maybe not that bad. With kids and a business, it’s proven itself difficult. However, it couldn’t be done without the help of our behind the scenes Mr. Moderns a.k.a our husbands.

My husband Damon watches the kids a lot when he’s not working. That means I can work at least once a week and not have to bug my little cousin all the time to take care of our two crazy little stinkers. I can race into town at a moments notice when an order comes in to model, so Mandy can upload photos that night of our upcoming product. When I’m not working in our storefront, Damon is watching the boys, so I can sneak away into another room to work on the books or to heat press our tees.

Father holding the childrens

Jarett who is Mandy’s husband, if not busy with his own company, can be found helping with his handy work. Fixing, or building, there is always something new to be had at Miss Modern. Jarett is also well known at the Post Office. If one of us can’t make it, it’s Jarett mailing out our online orders to make sure it gets to our amazing customers on time. When Mandy is working late or if we’re doing a photoshoot, Jarett is the one caring for their two 9-year-old twin girls.

Father With Childrens

Both of us have our hands full but we certainly couldn’t do it without our handy hubbies. They’ve both stepped up and have done the dirty work without complaint. Answered our silly questions “why isn’t our WIFI working?”, “what’s wrong with our bluetooth?”. They’ve fixed our crooked mirrors, hung our shelves, grabbed us something to eat when we’re working late, and so much more! All while working and making sure our little turkeys are taken care of. Life can be hard, but it’s easier when you have someone to share the load with.

Thank you to our two Mr. Moderns for always supporting our dreams and building a steady base for them to soar from. You’ve both helped from the very beginning, support through infertility, pregnancy, the diaper changes, potty training, doctor’s appointments, school choir and so much more! Thank you for being there for our children and showing them what a supporting father, and husband look like. Happy Father’s Day!

Brittany and Mandy

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