Grace & Lace. Who they are and what they stand for!

Miss Modern's biggest vendor, Grace & Lace

Who they are and what they stand for! 

Their “story” is unique & full of inspiration. We often tell our customers where Grace & Lace got their start in hopes that people will dig a little deeper and find out for themselves what makes their story unique. For those of you who have come into Miss Modern or shopped on our website, you will see Grace & Lace product proudly displayed throughout the store!

Choosing a brand that stands out because of the quality product & the people behind the company is what sets Grace & Lace apart. Telling their story has been at the top of our blog list!

When Miss Modern first opened we had plenty of other brands in store but were always on the look out for a brand that stands for something, something big. Brittany and I would talk all the time about different brands we could carry but felt that they needed to stand out in some way. We weren’t set on what that meant but knew “it” would come up sooner or later and we would know it when it happened!

While we were discussing bringing in boots socks/cuffs for the fall/winter season, I remember watching an episode of the Shark Tank that featured a company called Grace & Lace that made boot socks and they were just the cutest! I jumped on the computer right away and searched for them. To my surprise, they were huge! A full blown clothing company! We read their story and it was heart wrenching, bittersweet & full of inspiration.

Read on for Melissa & Rick Hinnant’s story.

In Melissa’s own words;

“In the spring of 2010 I was five months pregnant with a little girl. At a routine doctor's visit, I was suddenly given the devastating news that without surgical intervention I would give birth to our daughter within 24 hours and she would not survive. I was rushed into emergency surgery to try to save her and spent the remainder of my pregnancy in the hospital on strict horizontal bedrest. The days were incredibly L O N G, and since I couldn't even sit up, I just had to do something with my hands! I started with a vision to crochet this tiny baby girl a blanket. And thus began and spurred my desire to sew, sew, sew.

For two weeks I lived in the hospital until doctors could no longer stop the labor. Our very tiny, but oh-so-perfect, baby girl was born. With lungs not yet developed enough to survive on her own, the Lord took her straight to Heaven.

Though heart-wrenching and devastating, I truly believe that out of this great tragedy has come our greatest victory.

My love for sewing and all things knit continued to grow. Late in the fall of 2011, I made my first pair of lacey leg warmers. Everywhere I went, people would stop and ask me where I got them. I put them up for sale online and in a matter of days I was overwhelmed with orders I could not possibly fulfill on my own! Now, just a few years later, Grace and Lace has become a full-blown women’s apparel company with trademarked designs, a full studio and warehouse, and friends and family as staff. A portion of every sale goes toward building orphanages in India!

It has been an exciting journey and we are beyond grateful for the many doors that have opened for us over the years, including all of the media opportunities we’ve been given. We are also incredibly grateful to have the most amazing mentors and team members, and loyal customers who keep coming back for more. We are humbled, grateful, and blessed!”

Their business exploded into something so big, and beyond that, they give back in an even bigger way. After incredible success in 2013 they made the decision to partner with Angel House where a portion of every sale would go toward building orphanages in India to house 50 orphans each.  The response to their brand far exceeded their expectations, and as a result they were able to build two orphanages in the summer of 2014 and another five in 2015, taking a total of around 160 orphans off the street between them all! Grace & Lace continues to work with Angel House building orphanages for children in desperate need.

Grace & Lace has given Brittany and I the passion to work towards helping those in need. We have donated clothing to Mamas for Mamas located in Kelowna British Columbia. Mamas for Mamas is a local award winning charitable organization that supports mothers in crisis and provides ongoing support to low income Mamas and their kids. While we jump into the next phase of Miss Modern in the coming months, we are so excited to see what the future holds, most importantly to continue giving back any way we can.  

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